D. a. M.

What is DaM?

DaM is a Linux kernel module (DaM means DaM is A Module) to stop any attack like DoS, any portscan type and strange packets traffic.

What are main features of DaM?

The main features of DaM are:
  1. it runs on 2.4.x and 2.6.x Linux kernel version;
  2. DaM is entirely written in C language;
  3. it blocks syn, null, xmas, fin and simple scan;
  4. it prevents syn DoS;
  5. if you want it drops icmp echo requests;
  6. DaM has a tool (called dam :-) ) in user level to change the behavior. This renders it flexible and powerful;
  7. it can render invisible the system under traceroute TCP, UDP and ICMP;
  8. DaM can deny promiscuous mode;
  9. it can logged bad packets.
but this is just the beginning...

Where can you download it?

latest stable: DaM 0.3.0
latest unstable: DaM 0.3.3

The DaM Guide (only in Italian language) is available here.
If you want you can download all releases here.

The manteiner is Lorenzo Bonacucina - Copyright 2004-2005